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Baby Registry Must Haves


posted: 02/14/13

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
20 Baby Registry Must Haves! Things that after 3 babies, I would still ask for again and again.20 Baby Registry Must Haves! Things that after 3 babies, I would still ask for again and again

I think it goes without saying that when it comes to having a baby, all you reeeeeaaaaally need are diapers, some clothing, and a safe place for the baby to sleep. I think it also goes without saying, or it should, that not everyone is able to have a baby shower or buy all these brand new spanking items for their babies, and they raise perfectly healthy, perfectly wonderful little humans.

I was very fortunate that when I was pregnant with Gavin, my mom and some dear friends put together the most wonderful baby shower for me. The guest list was long, and people were more generous than I ever anticipated. So fortunate.

But when it came time to register for baby items, I just remember walking through the aisles of Babies R Us and feeling super overwhelmed. There are approximately 700 types of thermometers. And monitors. And baby gates. And every other do-dad you could ever want. What do I need?????

So here is my list.*  Here are the things that I would most definitely have on my registry if I was handed that fun little scanner tomorrow. Not all of these things are things I had when Gavin was a newborn, some of them I don’t think even existed then, but they are all things that I have found very helpful over the course of having babies.

I think my friends are probably so sick of hearing me talk about this . . . but OMG, the Rock N Play. The inventors of this need to be given a gold medal. Or at least a basket of muffins. Both my kids had horrible reflux, and Quinn would projectile vomit like a fountain. Not only did this mean I had to change my clothes approximately 300 times a day, it meant that they really struggled sleeping flat on their backs. But THIS. Oh, this was a dream come true. The incline was perfect. So perfect in fact, that Quinn started sleeping 8 hours a night at two months. No lie. And the times when she was struggling with sleep, Nathan would go lie in her room, and gently rock it with his foot while playing games on his phone until she fell asleep. Favorite. Baby. Item. Ever.
As long as we are talking about projectile vomit, let’s talk burp cloths. Most of the “burp cloths” that are on the market are . . . well . . . junk. They are just kind of oversized washcloths. If you’ve got just your typical spitter on your hand, they might be fine. If your baby has any reflux, like mine did, you want something super absorbent. What is more absorbent than a diaper? These are perfect!!

I loooooved my Boppy with Gavin. I brought it with me to the hospital when I delivered, and I swear that it made learning to breastfeed so much easier. It’s my go to gift for new moms. If the mom you are shopping for (or are yourself) doesn’t see herself nursing, I think it is still a really helpful item to help your tired arms while you are feeding the baby.

In addition to the Rock N Play, the other thing that has helped my little pukers sleep well has been the Swaddlme by Summer. It’s got velcro in all the right places. It helps keep them snug as a bug. It also has a feature where you can just pull the middle section down and over their feet for middle of the night diaper changes. In other words you can get to their bottoms while still keeping their hands locked in place.

While we are on the topic of what to put those little cute bottoms in, how about these gowns? I love these for the little newborn stage. It makes it super easy to change their diapers, and a lot of them come with sleeves that you can flip up over their hands, which I found perfect for Gavin, because it was winter, so his little fingers wouldn’t get cold.

It’s kind of a no brainer that you are going to need crib sheets, right? All I’m saying, is register for like three. There are enough pukes and diaper blowouts when they are little that it is really helpful to have three sets. That way you can have one in the dirty laundry basket, one on the mattress, and a spare ready to go. (And how cute are these owl sheets??)

Speaking of blow outs, lets talk diapers. I was at Target the other day, and this woman was staring cross eyed at the diapers. She turned to me, and asked which ones she should get. Easy. The generic ones. Target’s diapers are the best.  They are so much cheaper than the name brand ones (even when you have a coupon!), but they hold up to anything. I should be a spokeswoman for them.

Same thing goes for their wipes.

When friends of mine have asked for advice about helping their baby sleep, besides the Rock N Play (see, no wonder they’re annoyed) and the swaddle blanket, I say a sound machine. I have no idea if it really helps or not, but it helps me. I think it helps to drown out the noises of the house, which can help. I really like this one by Homedics. Ours has been running for like the last five years. And if you get it from Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon, it’s a steal.

This is the baby monitor I really like. The reason being, I don’t necessarily want to hear the sound of the ocean all night. This has a voice activated feature, so it’s silent unless your baby isn’t.

On a side note, it’s kind of funny, my family had six babies (well, seven with Elliot) in the span of about five years. And at family functions, we have six of these sitting around. We started adding initials with tape on them so we could know who was crying!

We didn’t have a video monitor with Gavin, but I wish we would have! That way when he was making all those funky gurgly baby noises that I heard over the monitor, I could have tuned in to see that he was still sleeping peacefully, rather than pacing in my living room wondering if he was truly asleep {anxious much, Lisa?}. We have one with Quinn, and I love it! Instead of listening to her babble and silently (or not silently . . . ) shaking my fist at the ceiling, I can just wander past the tv screen every few minutes to see if she’s conked out yet. This probably wouldn’t qualify as a must have (though what does?), but it’s a luxury item I do enjoy having. We don’t have this one, we have an old one that was passed down to us, but check this one out!

For when your baby isn’t sleeping, you might want to invest in a glidder and ottoman. I think in the first three months of Gavin’s life, I spent more time in the glidder than I did in my own bed. And the ottoman, ahhhhh, so nice! These can be expensive, but if you have a family member or a group of family members who want to get you something bigger, this is a great option.

With both Gavin and Quinn, I spent a lot of my laboring at home rocking in the glidder. {Smile.}

Among my friends, this is something that we definitely do not all have the same opinion on. Not whether or not you should have a thermometer, but what type to have. In my opinion, a good rectal thermometer is the only way to go. There have been studies that have shown that it is the only accurate way to take the temperature of a small baby. Additionally, when they are itty bitty, accuracy matters. Quinn had to go to the ER three times in the first few months, once for a virus, once for a UTI (for which she got admitted), and once for a then easily panicked mother. The thing her doctor went off of when deciding if she should go to the ER was her temperature, it was very important that it was accurate. And, at the ER, the only temperature they accepted, at that age, was rectal. (I shall now stow my soapbox).

See item above. Enough said.

I used to tell expectant moms to swipe the nose suckers from the hospital, because they were the only thing that really worked to get the snot out. And then came along NoseFrida (put on your best East European accent)! I know it sounds like it could be a little disgusting, you are using your own sucking power to get out the boogers, but it really works!! A couple tips:  Buy extra filters right away. Take it apart and wash it out each time you use it or it will mold. (Don’t ask.)  Use saline drops beforehand. It will help thin things out and make it easier to clear up the nose.

I remember when I was totally perplexed about what to put on my registry and I asked my sister-in-law who had an eight month old at the time. She said, “Baby nail clippers. Because, you know. Their nails are tiny.” They are.  Get these.


These are pretty self explanatory. I don’t have a brand preference. I think mine is the cheapest on the market. They are all pretty sturdy though.

Like the sheets, you are going to want to have a bunch of these. And I wouldn’t pick the fancy ones (you know, like the one I have pictured . . . . ). Let’s not forget how exactly they are going to be used.

My Baby Bjorn has gotten a serious work out. I remember when Gavin was a baby, every time I tried to put him down, he would scream. Finally, I pulled out the Baby Bjorn and I could eat again!! I used mine around the house (as in pacing until he fell asleep) and when he was a little bit older, I would put him in this and take the dog for a walk. These are priceless, I’ve even been known to pop the baby in to get some grocery shopping done. Nothing like having the use of both of your hands to appreciate life a little more.

And finally, this hands free gate. I love these! I have one on Quinn’s door right now, and it will probably stay there long after we transition her into a big girl bed. It can fit on a door that closes, or can be expanded for a hallway. It’s also awesome because you really can get through it and shut it behind you all with your foot. But little kids don’t weigh enough to open in. Gavin just started being able to open it in the last six months (and he’s five).

I hope these ideas help! All this looking at baby items has now given me baby fever, and I’m off to convince my husband to have another baby. Wish me luck!

*Disclaimer:  I’m not an expert. Just a mom. I’m sure you could find at least one person to disagree with each item on this list. But these are all things I love. Additionally, I am not affiliated in any way with the companies represented.
I’m a very opinionated person. But again, these are just my opinions.
This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.

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  1. Sandra Kohlmann says

    We have that same nail clipper and have been using it for 2 1/2 years, now! I second the gift of many, many sheets. We have 12 (for two cribs). My littles were serious spitters, too. There were times when we’d go through 5 or 6 sheets in a single day! I wish we’d had a sound machine, but we just used static on the radio. The good aspect of the radio is that you can tune your car radio for static, to help the little ones fall asleep on the road. The downside? Constantly hearing radio static. I am really glad they have outgrown their need for sound at night.

  2. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    1. I want a baby now. 2. Those cloth diapers – TOTALLY. They were our burp cloths, and are still Jordan’s lovey today. Unfortunately, they changed the weave about year 3, so we only have a couple left since the new ones weren’t “babas”. But, a pack of 10 loveys is priceless! :)

  3. Lilys of the Valley Jewerly 'n Crafts says

    WE ADORED our sound machine… my daughter still uses the white noise.. and we have one as well that we use , it helps block out the tv when hubby stays up to watch the game , or you have friends over and the little ones sleeping , and your talking and laughter wont disturb your kid(s) …. and i LOVED my baby bjorn … i have one i got secont hand in the box at a used kids clothing store for 15$! and my daughter is now 7… but i use it now for my neice when I babysit , when i’m at the market or craft store , her carseat is heavy , way heaveier then my 15lb neice , and her carseat sits strangely in the car and some stores it dosent fit in the carts at all , so it’s a MUST! another Tip here … to everyone going to a baby shower .. EVERYONE alwas buys the new mommy 0~3 months or NB clothing … they are in that for such a short time or they have a big baby and never get to where it or they get sooo many adoreabal 0-3month outfits from gentous frends they never get to use it all … buy 3~6 months in buy a outfit that can be used in any seasons , short sleeve onesie , pants, sweater or sweatshirt , and a footie/sleeper … because it happend to almost everyone i knew , they had so much 0-3 months & then the baby got bigger and they had to go buy everything, had to buy coats , etc , so think about that kinda thing just a hint!…. Also …. a Baby book to Me is a MUST have,the VERY VERY BEST Baby book is by Rag & Bone Bindery in RI .. they have been featured in american baby , in movies , in bridal magazines and on Oprah… but they are a family run local business. They make gourgous books, the BEST books i’ve ever seen , my friends adore them as bridal guest books, and baby books,they are all hand made ,I have nothin but praise for them, even more so because they are a family run local business and i’m all for soupporting family run local places.

  4. Patty says

    Great list, Lisa! Have you heard of BabyList? If you had to do it again, you wouldn’t need the scanner gun! :)


  5. Kim says

    I found you via your link at I heart naptime. I just had my first baby a little over a month ago and I love to see what other mommas recommend. I can’t say that I have tried target brand diapers though I am a total target fan girl… But the rest of list? I have these things and love them and could not live without them!

  6. Carissa Rasmussen says

    i had every one of those with my first! she was too small for the gowns and by the time she fit in them she didn’t want to be swaddled and so she would get too cold! i don’t like how they are so wide at the neck {they would fall off her shoulders} if anyone found a brand that didn’t do that…thanks for sharing these great products

  7. Heather says

    Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  8. Ally says

    This white noise far surpasses the Homedics one. We went through 3 of the homedics ones before my son was 5. They all started skipping & therefore waking him.

    Trust me – worth the money! And, it’s certified by the National Sleep Foundation!

  9. LeeLee Gee says

    I’m not having a baby anytime soon but I am deffinetly saving this to my favorites for future reference hahaha love you guys!

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