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Birth Stats & Bribery


posted: 01/29/13

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy

Did you know . . . that I have an Etsy store?

You probably did, because I have been blogging about it and facebooking about it and instagraming about it and pinning about it and . . . . no, not really tweeting about it, because I kind of stink at tweeting.

Did you know . . . that I am now selling the ever popular birth stat subway art?

You probably didn’t, because this is my very first mention of it.

I give all credit to the genius behind selling this to Jen over at Team Bowen. After winning a giveaway sponsored by my Etsy shop over at another blog, she then went on to order some custom birth stat art from me. She’s kind of awesome like that.

So since I started selling on Etsy, I have had a lot of people wonder what the difference is between cut art and print art. Besides . . . you know . . . the price.

The post that I usually send people to for a point of reference is the one about Quinn’s Nickname Art. But that has become a little bit outdated. Mainly because I have gotten better at using my Silhouette.

The difference between the cuts and the prints is really hard to distinguish in photos, but in person it is glaring. The cuts just have a level of depth that the prints don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love the prints too, but they just don’t compare to the cuts. I would always give a cut as a gift, and I only make the cuts for the art I hang in my kids’ rooms. They are more time intensive, because they involve a great deal of production time beyond the design work. But they are totally worth it.

So here is where the bit of bribery comes in.

The first person to comment on this post gets 75% off in my Etsy shop. And granted, I would love for you to write a glowing review of what you purchase {COUGH}, but that is entirely up to you.

And if you didn’t make it for the first comment slot, head over to Jen’s blog. She’s doing a special feature on Humming Bird’s View today (because she’s awesome like that), and has a special code for 30% off.

Note:  This post is getting an insane amount of spam. Please email me at lisa (at) wineandglue (dot) com with any questions. Thank you!!

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Reader Interactions

  1. Rachel K. says

    WHAT?! okay. i don’t want 75% off. but i’m gonna order something anyway. pretend i’m a commenter who just admitted to doping. so my comment doesn’t count. SECOND commenter gets 75% off!

  2. Megan Hackney says

    Lisa, these are so cute! My best friend is due in three weeks and this would be the perfect gift! I don’t need 75% off either, but I’ll definitely be ordering one when I have the stats :)

  3. Lilys of the Valley Jewerly 'n Crafts says

    It’s soooo cute … my friends daughter is Harley … Harley and Harper , that would be cute as sisters names .. Disapointed that i’m not first , but happy to soupport you , i read your blog all the time … i love it it’s always fun and has really cool tips and some awesome creativity … and pssssstt…. (it should be something off for the first 4 commenters …:) then everyones happy ..lol .. ) … kiddin kidding .. but i do love your blog !! allot … so keep up the good work

    • Lisa says

      Well . . . commenters #1 and #2 turned down the 75% off. If you email me with what you would want for your order, it can be yours . . . !!! [email protected]

  4. Cathy Trochelman says

    Lisa – I love love love this, and the nickname art, and the special song or quote art that you do. They are so special and I will definitely be putting in a few orders around the May/June time frame…. :) Pinned!

    • Lisa says

      Aww, thanks Cath :)

  5. aimee @ shugarysweets says

    Oh I love love love this! I think I’m going to have to order one for my niece!

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Aimee!

  6. Jen says

    Damn, I should have looked at this last night :) And you should all order something because Lisa is pretty amazing.

    • Lisa says

      Thanks for featuring my shop Jen!!

  7. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    DRAT! I wanted to be first. :) Is it weird I want one when my kid is almost 8?

  8. Amy of While Wearing Heels says

    Wow. That is beautiful! The close ups really show how great the cuts look. What great bribery for your readers. Glad to see you don’t limit your bribery to just your kids :)

  9. Pint Sized Baker says

    I found you Lisa! :) Let’s see if this “No Reply Blogger” is fixed!
    BTW – Cute designs!

  10. Alex Gagar says

    Your art is really amazing Its not looking nice but it is fine and neat too I will try it myself but i am sure i can never be as perfect :( I am just trying to make it for my MOM’s Birthday :)

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