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posted: 12/09/11

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy

This year to celebrate Gavin’s fourth birthday, we decided to go Old School Brewers! This summer Gavin went to his very first Brewers game (really, shame on us for not doing it sooner), and he had a BLAST!

His absolute favorite part of the game was the sausage race, so this for sure had to be a part of the party! (More on that later . . . you know I’m going to make like 80 posts about his birthday party and totally suck that subject dry.)

But what I will show you in this post is the CAKE!

It’s a Brewers Baseball Hat Cake!! Hmmmm . . . this next picture shows off it’s hatness better.

Isn’t it awesome?!?!? (Humility is one of my strongest personality traits.)  I used a Pyrex bowl to make it’s round like quality. This was kind of a genius move (see what I mean?). It made for a beautiful round shape without cutting down the cake and dealing with crumby edges. I followed these directions and found it to be really simple.

Start with an oven safe 2 quart Pyrex bowl. See, I told you this was simple! I think mine was 2.5 quarts, and I wasn’t sure if it was oven safe or not . . . turns out it was! Now, rub it reeeeeeaaaaalllllly gernerously with butter.

Pour in some flour, make sure to hit all the butter, and shake out the excess. (The original recipe says that this is about 1/4 cup of flour.)

And since I haven’t said it yet, this is not the bowl that you made the cake batter in. Now pour in the batter and bake it in an oven set 25 degrees lower than the box . . . err . . . ummm . . recipe says to. (Good lord my oven needs a cleaning!!)

See how thick this cake is  . . . bad boy is going to cook for a while. Like 75 minutes. Or until you stab it with a long wood skewer and it comes out clean.

Let it cool completely. I pretty much let this cool all day. When you finally go to get get it out, use a really thin some what flexible knife to cut between the cake and the bowl.

After doing this, I just flipped it over and held it while it gently separated from the bowl (it sounds like some sort of existential experience for the cake – it had a very smooth transition into the world). The glass bowl was really nice here, because I could see it detaching.

Annnnnd this is what I ended up with.


I know . . . it looks a lot more like a UFO than a baseball hat. So at this point I figured I had two choices. Wait, three choices. 1. Level off the bottom and make more of a baseball beenie than a baseball hat. (Lame!)  2. Change the theme of the party in the 11th hour to SPACE INVADERS!! (Tempting, but  . . . no.)  3. Fill the bottom gap with frosting. (Ding! Ding! Ding!)  Frosting to the rescue!!

So I filled the bottom with piped blue frosting. Again, when I say “piped,” please don’t imagine me with some luxurious baker’s frosting piping bag – I use a Ziploc bag, people. And in this particular case, given that I had had at least one Jolly Rancher martini while piping, the blue frosting was coming out of the top of the bag and covering my hand as well as the cake. I’m a classy mom if there ever was one.

After covering the cake (and myself) in blue frosting, it was time to make the brim. (Yes, ideally I would have pictures of all of this, but again, Jolly Rancher martini. Besides, can you imagine how much frosting would have gotten on my camera?!?!?)  I piped a yellow line for the brim and then filled it in and smoothed it out. The final result is this.

I will totally do a Pyrex bowl cake again. In fact, as I was frosting it, all these dome shaped birthday ideas for Quinn’s first birthday started running through my head.

The question from the get go was how to do the old school Brewers symbol glove. I tried royal icing, and that looked super cool, but transferring it to the cake was a total disaster. Enter my faithful and loyal Wine and Glue reader and cousin, Melissa! She suggested piping melted colored chocolate. Genius! When I asked her if it would melt the bag, she said, “Just make sure it’s not too hot.” To which I said, “That’s what she said.” (She really walked in to that one.)

So the way I went about this was to print out the logo, tape that piece of paper to a plate, lay some wax paper over it, and tape that to the plate as well. I printed out a bunch of different sizes and held them up to the cake to figure out which would work the best. (In retrospect, I wish I would have taped it all to the Pyrex bowl, because then the glove would have been more flush against the cake. As always, live and learn.)  Then I melted chocolate (but not too hot!) and put it in Ziploc bags cutting the tiniest of tiny holes at the end for yellow and white, which were such small areas. I cut a bigger hole for the blue. I think it goes without saying that I used three different bags for three different colors, but in case it doesn’t . . . Use three different bags for three different colors. I did one color at a time and let it set before starting another. I also did the colors that required the most detail work first, but I can imagine that in some designs you would want to do broad colors first, and add the detail work on top. The chocolate sets really fast, so this was all done in less than an hour.



Once it was all done, it just peeled really nicelly off of the wax paper.

Ta-Daa!!! I will also be using colored chocolate to decorate cakes more often! So easy to get really good detail. I need more things to decorate!!!

And nothing really made me happier than the morning of Gavin’s party when I told him that I had finished his cake and he covered his eyes and carefully followed me into the dinning room, only uncovering them once he was fully in front of the cake. (He wanted to be surprised, he told me.)  He showed everyone his cake, and he was so excited to eat “the chocolate glove piece.” Sigh, that kid really does make all the insanity worth it.

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