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Caprese Quesadilla

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posted: 07/11/13

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
Caprese Quesadilla! A delicious and easy lunch that comes together quickly and only has five ingredients!
Do you ever stand back and kind of marvel at your kid and what an amazing little human being they are.
I mean . . . don’t get me wrong . . .
There have been moments where I have literally looked at Gavin and said, “What is wrong with you??” #momoftheyear
If I stop and really think about Gavin and all he has been through with Nathan and I in his short five and a half years on this planet . . .
Well, it’s more than some people go through in a whole lifetime.
Caprese Quesadilla! A delicious and easy lunch that comes together quickly and only has five ingredients! via www.wineandglue.com


Gavin as a newborn lived through the loss of his grandmother, which he probably didn’t really notice, but which sure did affect his mom.
And then of course the year he was two, he underwent surgery to have his adenoids and tonsils out, said goodbye to his puppy, moved out of the only home he ever knew, prepared for the birth of a baby brother, and then stood by and watched his parents go through such thick grief after his baby brother died.
There just really isn’t a Bernstein Bear book that covers all of that.
Gavin is a special little soul.

And, the memories that I have of him after Elliot’s death and during Quinn’s pregnancy, such a difficult time in my life, are some of the happiest memories I have. He was kind of like my tiny little life raft, holding me afloat with his charm and sweetness.


One of those memories is going to our local Farmer’s Market every saturday the summer I was pregnant with Quinn. We would get flowers, get a cranberry scone for Gavin, and I would get a crepe. And not just any crepe, but really the most delicious caprese inspired crepe that this planet has ever seen.For real.I would wake up Saturday mornings and think, “Score!! It’s Saturday! I’m only about an hour away from my crepe!!”
The amazing food cart that made those crepes isn’t around this summer (which has sent me into a constant state of tantrum), and since I’m not totally prepared to tackle crepe batter (surely anything I attempted would pale in comparison), I went with Caprese Quesadillas! So super simple and so amazingly delicious!!
5 from 1 vote

Caprese Quesadilla

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  • burrito shell if you pick one with a lot of fiber you can usually spare yourself a decent amount of calories
  • one 1/4 inch slice of fresh mozzarella
  • 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella
  • 4 to 5 fresh basil leaves shredded
  • half a small tomato sliced


  • Preheat a pan over medium heat on your stove top.
  • Put down the burrito shell. Then on one half add the tomatoes, the basil leaves, the fresh mozzarella, and the shredded mozzarella. I like to let some of my shredded mozzarella come out of the shell so that I get a nice crisp edge.
  • Fold the burrito shell over, let cook until the cheese is fully melted, carefully flip, and cook for an additional two to three minutes or until the shell is golden brown.
Author: Lisa Longley

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Caprese Quesadilla

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  1. Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel says

    Okay, 1) love these quesadillas. So fresh!!
    2) I am pro-children’s books authors to write a little more realistically. I mean, I don’t know any of my friends who are bears who live happily ever after in a bear neighborhood where magical things happen. However, I doubt the realistic books of “and then mommy got so poor, she had to start dancing at night” would sell, but still. I meeeean, come on. Also, won’t children then approach bears and think they’re friends? That could be a liability.

    Or maybe I shouldn’t write kids’ books…

  2. Tanya-Lemonsforlulu.com says

    No there really isn’t a children’s book that can explain the hardships and sorrow that we experience. I personally hate the Bernstein Bears. I do love crepes though. My mom makes the best crepes and those are some of my best child hood memories! Can you just imagine what Gavin and Quinn’s memories will be??? All this yummy food!

  3. Tanya-Lemonsforlulu.com says

    Um, I sort of left out that I think these quesadillas are wonderful Lisa! I love the Caprese combo and the fact that these are quick and easy make them doubly appealing!

  4. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    I love this! So easy and YUM. And I hope to meet Gavin and his mom one day. :)

  5. Julie Evink says

    Love this super simple recipe! Hugs to Gavin. I’m sure he’s a whole lot wiser than most 30 year olds :) And pretty amazing if he’s anything like his Momma!

  6. cooking with curls says

    These sound delicious Lisa! Seriously, crepes are SOOOO easy to make :) I know, you have your hands full…someday you have to try them. Kids are a lot stronger than we sometimes give them credit for, and with an awesome mom like you….he’s good :)

  7. Tara @ Suburble says

    This recipe looks fantastic – and I’m so sorry that your crepe-maker cart isn’t at the Farmer’s Market this year.

    What a tough year for your family. I am totally in awe of your strength. I thank you for being so candid about your emotions (then, and now). It’s honesty that we need. If we can’t get it from a Berenstein Bear book, then maybe we can get it from each other.

  8. Sarah JM says

    This post is one of my favorites as you gush over your Gavin. Caprese crepes? Oh.my.word. Take me with you!

  9. Julie says

    These look so good, Lisa! Pinning!

    Your little one may have been through a lot but with a great mom like you and a supportive family, I’m sure it’s only made him stronger. :)

  10. Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea says

    Made this last night – coming back to tell you it was yummy and a hit here! Thank you!

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