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Dinosaur Track Flip Flops


posted: 09/17/12

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
Dinosaur Track Flip Flops | A fun homemade gift for any little dinosaur lover!

I have this really sweet nephew who also happens to be my godson. Jamie. He’s kind of awesome.

Jamie is kind of obsessed with dinosaurs. And just to give you an example of how awesome he is, he told his preschool classmates to watch out for his dinosaur tail and not step on it. So when his mom, my lovely sister-in-law, told me that she was going to throw him a dinosaur party, I wanted to make him something super awesome. And dinosaurish.

I was thinking slippers. He loves to stomp around and pretend he is a t-rex. And I mean, who doesn’t? So I thought I could sew up some dinosaur slippers for him. Like give him some real claw toed feet. But as I was googling for patterns that my low level of sewing skill could take on, I stumbled upon THIS!


Now, these are super awesome. And yet . . . Jamie doesn’t exactly live near a beach. BUT, as soon as I saw them, I imagined him stamping around on some paper with painted footprints, and then my wheels really started turning.

This is the point where if my life were a cartoon and I was a crafting super hero the screen would spin, my super hero music would come on, and this would flash across the screen:

Amazingly, with my 50% off Michaels coupon, this craft only cost about $4 to make three pair . . . though that is assuming you have some ribbon and hot glue lying around.

I bought a large piece of wood.

{Disclaimer:  I hope you came prepared with a bucket full of “That’s what she said.” You are going to need them.}

And I started by getting a sense of what size my wood pieces needed to be by using one of Gavin’s shoes.

The pieces ended up being about 3.5 by 8 inches. I wish I knew more about wood {That’s what she said. See!} so that I could have picked something better. This was easily accessible at Michaels, but it cut pretty roughly, and even once sanded down, looked a little tattered.

Once my lovely husband had cut the pieces, I used Gavin’s little feet to measure where the straps should go.

This is what the measurements ended up to be. The .75 inches towards the bottom is the section that you cover with hot glue to give the end of the ribbon a good solid base.

Now put a drop of hot glue at the top where it will fit between the first two toes. Put down some ribbon angling it towards the bottom, add another drop of hot glue, and then put down the second ribbon.

For the prints, I searched online for dinosaur footprint images. I then imported those images into the Silhouette software, traced them and cut. You could just as easily print out the images and cut them out with a scissors. I’m just kind of lazy. Then I used those as templates to cut the footprints out of thick craft foam (about a dollar at Michaels).

I just cut the pieces out with an exacto knife.

It was super easy, and I did it in less than an hour while Gavin ate a snack and did an art project and Quinny took a nap.

Yay! Almost done! Just glue those bad boys to the bottoms of the sandals, and you’ve got some pretty sweet Dinosaur Track Flip Flops.

Now it’s time for the fun part!!

And then you have at it!

Gavin was a happy little guinea pig for me. And through his strong little legs, we learned that the straps really need to be ribbon and not foam strips as originally planned.

He sure did have fun stomping around. And once we were done testing, Jamie got the other two pairs of sandals with the two different prints, a foam roller for the paint, and a roll of craft paper, both Dollar Store purchases that made the grand total for this super awesome gift (in my extremely humble opinion) right around $6.

And when Jamie opened his gift . . . . {DRUMROLL} . . . he looked a little perplexed, but I’m sure he’ll have fun with it. And my super smart sister-in-law suggested that he might just want to dip the sandals in water and walk around looking at his dino footprints.

So we tried that!

So fun!

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  1. Jessi @ Practically Functional says

    This is the coolest idea, I love it! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

    • Jessi @ Practically Functional says

      I know you already saw the feature, but seriously, this is so cool! And you should totally be super proud of it, look how much fun those boys are having!!!

  2. Heidi Lisa says

    VERY cute :o)

  3. [email protected] says

    Fantastic idea! I just saw this on Practically Functional. This is my first time to your site, and I love it! You have so many great ideas. I would be happy to have you share this and any other ideas you would like to link up at “One Creative Weekend” on OneCreativeMommy.com. The party is open every Fri-Wed. I hope to see you there!

  4. Karen says

    I’m going to try this, but I thought I would try putting the dinosaur footprint glued to the bottom of a child size flip flop bought from the dollar store. Trying to do this without cutting wood.

    • Victoria says

      Hi! I was just thinking the same thing, about $1 store flip flops? I’m teaching some 1st graders about dinosaurs next week, and thought this would be PERFECT for them. How did it go when you tried it Karen? Thanks!

  5. Linda says

    Too cute – I’m going to make some for my grandsons and my class- thank you ????????


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