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How to Make Meat Homemade Baby Food


posted: 06/13/12

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
How to make meat homemade baby food! Learn how to puree meat and add it to your child’s baby food. If you aren’t sure how to make baby food using meat, then you have come to the right place. Learn how to puree chicken and then freeze it to use in your baby food.
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I think when people start considering making their own baby food, one of the first road blocks is meat. I mean, mashing up some cooked carrot seems like a no brainer, but when it comes to pureeing meat, well . . . ew. This is the other title photo I considered:

But it really isn’t hard once you get over the barf factor.


This is the brand of chicken I love for making homemade baby food with meat in it.

The reason this brand works so well is because it comes in individualized sealed packets.

So you can cook one breast for your little carnivore and save the other two in the freezer for a family dinner next week. It’s also labeled as “natural,” which warms the cockles of my heart. Dear Internet Jerk Who Wants to Burst My Bubble, Please don’t.

The way I cook the chicken is by boiling it.

It takes about a half hour. (Check the meat with a thermometer to make sure it is fully cooked.)  Reserve the cooking liquid so that you can puree it with that . . . especially since the water is chop full of nutritional chicken goop.

When the chicken cools, chop it up into one inch pieces and introduce it to the inside of your food processor.

Make the meat meet it’s doom!

It will then look like this:

Yummy, huh?

Now you need some liquid. I would say that it’s about three ounces per chicken breast, but that all depends on the size of the chicken breast and how liquidy you want it. I would say that you should err on the side of too liquidy, because once you freeze it and then thaw it again, it will seem more gritty than it did originally.


Now pop it in some freezer trays and you’re good to go!

When I thaw it I usually do two cubes of meat and two cubes of something else, like apple, pear, squash, beans, etc.

And if your little one likes turkey, grab yourself some of this:

Throw it in a foil lined pan and bake it for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Though make sure that it is fully cooked using a meat thermometer.

Again, save the liquid and use it to help puree. (Or use some water, breast milk, or formula.)

See? Isn’t that easy? Aren’t you wondering at this point why I even bothered doing this blog post?

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As a side note, so often my friends and family ask me how on earth I have time to do a blog with two small children at home. It’s a totally valid question. And the answer? I have extremely patient children. This is what they were doing while I was photographing pureed chicken:

Though I have absolutely no answer as to why that chair is tipped over . . .

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  1. Jackie says

    Can’t babies get enough iron and protein from vegetable sources? I’m not sure I’d want to feed my baby so much meat.

    • Lisa Longley says

      Hi Jackie! I’m certainly not in any position to talk where babies can/should get their nutrition sources. What I can say is that I think it’s really important to introduce your kiddos to new flavors early. We eat chicken a lot in our house, so I loved the idea of introducing my kids to that flavor early.

  2. Alissa says

    Thanks for easing my fear of preparing meat for the baby. Your humor is on point, I have a feeling we would be friends in the real world?

    • Lisa Longley says

      Lol! Thanks Alissa!

  3. Jenna says

    How long is frozen pureed meat good for? And what liquid do you use just distilled water? Thanks!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Hi Jenna! I would google how long you can store frozen meat in general and go off of that. I only felt good about mine in the freezer for a month. And I added expressed breast milk to mine, but distilled water is also a good idea. You know what else would be a good choice? Carrot juice! Of course then most of your chicken will taste like carrots, lol

      • Kerri says

        Silly question ftm. Can you use formula milk to puree the chicken and if so can that be frozen?

        • Lisa Longley says

          I’m sorry, I’m not much help. I know so little about formula. I would take it to google!

  4. Renee says

    Hi I am just wondering what you would add to this to make the chicken (or other meats) taste better? My little one does not enjoy any meat that I have introduced to her. She loves her vegetables but as soon as I add chicken or other meat she will hardly eat her dinner. I am desperate to find something to help. Thank you.

    • Lisa Longley says

      I have another post in this series about adding spices. That really helped my kiddos! Just remember that they could be allergic, so only introduce one at a time the same way you would a new food. https://simplejoy.com/home-made-baby-food-part-4-my-baby/ And just mom to mom, try not to sweat it. Give it a week or two and try again. I promise she’ll eat meat some day.

  5. Melissa says

    Thanks for this will try today. How do you reheat after defrosting

  6. Sam says

    How do you thaw the cubes? Just in the microwave? Does it still turn out okay?

    • Lisa Longley says

      Hi Sam! It’s been a loooong time since I wrote this post and made baby food. My recollection is that I tried not to defrost in the microwave because it broke down the nutrients in the breast milk, but instead over super low heat on the stove.

  7. Lillian says

    Great interesting idea. I will try for my baby. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Cindy says

    Hi Lisa just found your post my daughter tried giving My 7 1/2 month old granddaughter that meat that is in the Gerber section and she actually threw it up it looked horrible I told her it’s better if you just purée natural chicken for her and a little of her smart water I hast to be so much better for her than those meets that come in the little baby food jars definitely going to try this thanks so much even the doctor recommended it he says we have no idea how long they’re on the shelf and to tell you the truth that meat looked horrible Do you have a tutorial on how to purée the vegetables I have a feeling I know how but just wanted to make sure I’m doing it right Thanks again

    • Lisa Longley says

      I sure do! Here is what I used (though it has been years ago!) Homemade Baby Food.

  9. mogios wylie says

    Love everything you post!! I’m going to try this with G-free dough. ????

    Check out my recipe for Gluten & dairy free chicken fingers & sweet potato fries!

  10. Aleshia says

    Do you just give the kiddos the purees meat ain’t or mix it with something? What do you do with it if you still have some frozen, but they aren’t eating purees anymore. I have a ton of jars of pureed meats (store bought through WIC). My 15 month old is on mostly solids now and instead of throwing them away, I want to find good uses for them. Any suggestions or recipes? Know anyone who might? I don’t want to waste it.

    • Lisa Longley says

      My kids are all past the puree stage, but we often mixed the meats with other veggies we knew they weren’t allergic too and spices we already knew they wren’s allergic to. As for food that they have moved past, if it is jarred and not close to the expiration, I would contact a local food pantry.

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