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It’s Friday!! Cheers!! {Two Weeks in a Row! Woot! Woot!}


posted: 06/28/13

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
The death of Google reader, an awesome post about Ariel, and my current string of obsessions.
It’s Friday! Cheers!!
Can I just say that these are absolutely 100% my favorite posts to write. If I thought I could write my random thoughts everyday and have a successful blog, that is exactly what I would do.
Ready for some random?
1. Google Reader is about to go towards the light,  have you decided how you are going to keep up with all your favorite blogs? I have been using Bloglovin and at the risk of being insanely corny, I’m lovin it. Do you follow Wine & Glue on Bloglovin? I sure would love if you did.
2. My friend, Cassie who taught me everything there is to know about putting together a high school year book, just started a blog and an Etsy shop! Do me a favor and check out both. She is ridiculously talented, and beautiful things are sure to come.
3. Have you done a Random Act of Kindness lately? Every summer I celebrate and honor the memory of my little sweet Elliot by doing random acts of kindness and asking others to do the same. Want to join in? You can follow along on Facebook.
Spread The Kindness
4. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about the communication barrier between Quinn and myself? Oh what a difference a few weeks makes. Lately when I say to her, “I love you, Quinn,” she replies with, “I love you, Mama.” {I melt times one million.}  And this evening when I said to her, “I love you, Quinn,” she said, “Yeah.” So it’s almost like she’s a teenager.5. Isn’t it totally crazy how freshly cut grass can change anything green??

6. I am currently completely and totally obsessed with The Lumineers. I could listen to their cd on repeat for the rest of my life and be super happy. Have you listened to the lyrics to “Dead Sea?” Love.

7. If you are a stay at home mom, well even if you aren’t, you have to read this post by Julia at 551 East Furniture Design. I seriously want to put the song to music and listen to it over and over. {Clearly it is easy for me to get obsessed with music.}

8. FB has started allowing hashtags!!! #greatestthingever #wanttoalwaystalkinhash #totallyobssessed
9. Gavin lost two teeth this week. Holy hell am I not prepared for that kid to grow up. Also #GROSSESTTHINGEVER
10. I posted a couple things this week!!
Easy No Sew Fabric Flowers                                    S’mores Fudge                                    Carnival Summer Wreath

11. If you have ever wanted a Silhouette, be sure to stop by on Monday for a super sweet deal on them!

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  1. Cassie @ Little Red Window says

    I’m on wine & glue?! Shut up! So excited! Thanks Lisa!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie Evink says

    “I love you Lisa” …. from Julie. Do you reply? :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    That fudge. #OMG and I’m #soveryveryglad about #hashtags. #everyonewillbeannoyedwithmesoon

  4. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    And that post? The Ariel one? #OMG #bestposteverrrrr

  5. Amy of While Wearing Heels says

    What a week! I am definitely sad to see google reader going away :(. I need to follow you ASAP via bloglovin…as a back up, I can always stalk you via facebook! I can’t believe Gavin lost 2 teeth. I am not ready for that at all.

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5 Secrets to Stress Free Dinners



5 Secrets to Stress Free Dinners