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Silhouette Heat Transfer Promotion {DIY Canvas Art}


posted: 06/05/13

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
Silhouette Heat Transfer {DIY Canvas Art} | A simple DIY that results in gorgeous canvas art, and a promo code for you to do it too!

I’m so excited to share this really simple DIY with you today!
My husband is a big biker. Like the kind with pedals and spokes on the tires. He weekly buys a lottery ticket in the hope that he will win big, quit his job, and spend four to five hours a day biking. He does races on the weekends (and even weeknights like today), and he keeps track of how many miles he has logged in a year, getting more than a little perturbed when my 76 year old father out bikes him by summer time. (Though since my dad escapes to Florida for a month and doesn’t have two kids under six, it hardly seems like a fair competition.)

So when I wanted to come up with some cute canvas art for him for a Father’s Day gift, I immediately thought about a bike. And not just any bike, a bike with a second seat so he’s virtually stuck hauling me around for all of time.

With a blank canvas and a Heat Transfer Starter Kit from Silhouette, I was all set! I used the image of the tandem bike from the Silhouette store (#15122) and used the Remachine font. It was super simple to cut, pull out the negative space, and iron on to my canvas.

The Heat Transfer Starter Kit comes with so many great things to get you started making awesome stuff:

  • 5 Sheets of Heat Transfer Material
  • Silhouette Hook (a sweet little tool I use all the time)
  • A download card so you can get 10 additional designs
  • An instructional DVD so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing
  • An idea booklet for lots of inspiration

Right now Silhouette is having a great promotion! You can buy a brand spanking new Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait and the Heat Transfer Starter kit for a super sweet discounted price. Just make sure that you use the code GLUE at checkout to get your discount.

And if you already have a Silhouette, you will be excited to know that all their heat transfer material is buy one get one free right now!

For a great video tutorial on heat transfer, you can watch this:

Here are a couple pointers from me:

  • Make sure if you are doing words, that you mirror your images by right clicking and and selecting flip horizontally.
  • If you are using cursive, you want to make sure that your words cut as one piece, rather than having cut lines through the words. To accomplish this, highlight the word, right click and select ungroup, then with the whole word highlighted as individual letters, right click and select weld. If you look at the cut lines, you can see the difference and make sure that your word will be cut as one piece.
  • As the directions that come with the heat transfer material say, you must press firmly with your iron for 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Since the canvas is somewhat flexible, you are going to want to put something behind it so you can get enough pressure when you are ironing on the heat transfer. I used a folded up t-shirt.
The promotion doesn’t last long, so head over to Silhouette’s site and load up on all your heat transfer goodies and be sure to use the code GLUE at checkout.
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  1. Cathy Trochelman says

    I love this, Lisa! A perfect gift for Nathan :)

  2. Rachel Willis says

    This is adorable Lisa! What a great gift idea.

  3. Tara @ Suburble says

    Whoa… that’s incredible! I didn’t know that you could use heat transfer on canvas!

    My mind was just blown.

    (Obviously, it doesn’t take much to shock me… Let’s ignore that…)

  4. Angela Paris says

    this is so, so cute! great idea! :)

  5. Julie Evink says

    Cute! Borrow me some of your creativity :)

  6. Melissa Whitcher says

    Very cute…. Now I just need a silhouette ! :)

  7. cooking with curls says

    That is so cool:) Now I need to get a Silhouette!!!

  8. Amy of While Wearing Heels says

    This is such a sweet project and thoughtful gift. So, how many miles has your husband biked so far this year?

  9. Susan says

    it is so nice project i need Silhouette.

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