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Grasshopper Popcorn & Party Popcorn Book Review and Giveaway

Author: Lisa Longley


  • 8 cups popped popcorn see note
  • One 10 ounce package of fudge mint cookies I used Keebler Grasshopper cookies
  • 1 cup milk chocolate baking candies see note
  • 1 cup Andes Creme de Menthe Baking chips


  • Pour the popped popcorn into a large bowl, making sure to remove any unpopped popcorn kernels.
  • Set up to silicon baking mats or wax paper.
  • Melt the candy melts according to instructions. Pour over the popped popcorn, but don't stir it in yet.
  • Moving quickly, pour on the baking chips and then the cookies. Stir with a large spatula until everything is evenly distributed.
  • Pour the popcorn onto the silicon mats and allow to cool/dry completely, about five minutes. Store in an airtight container for up to four days.


o make some quick simple plain popcorn as a base, add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels and a tablespoon of olive oil to a large microwaveable bowl. Cover with a microwaveable plate. Microwave for about four minutes. This made exactly 8 cups for me, but as different kernels act differently, you may need more/less.
You really do need to use candy coating. As Ashton notes in her book, it works the best to bind things together without melting onto your hands as you eat it.