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Christmas Ornaments


posted: 11/15/12

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
25 Awesome Homemade Christmas Ornaments
25 Awesome Homemade Christmas Ornaments on www.wineandglue.com

I love Christmas ornaments. No really. LOVE.

One of my most vivid memeories of my childhood is waiting eagerly as my mom strung the lights on the tree so that I could help hang ornaments. In my memory, the lights are twinkling, Christmas music is playing, and after we finish placing them perfectly on the tree, we sip hot cocoa.


Who am I kidding?

My mom had three kids. And my parents were hippies. There wasn’t a whole lot that was Norman Rockwell or perfect about my childhood (as wonderful as it was), but they did something when it came to decorating the tree that made it so . . . . perfect.

So when it comes to my own children, I take Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree pretty seriously. I actually do put on Christmas music, and I really do make hot cocoa.

I buy my kids (all my kids, even Elliot) an ornament each year. I’m carefully labeling them, and when I put them away in February when I finally manage to take down the tree, I pack them all away in bags labeled: Gavin, Elliot, Quinn. Some day when they move away (and I either do a dance of glee or take to my bed depending on how the next fifteen plus years go), I will send them with their Christmas ornaments. I imagine them rolling their eyes at me as I sniffle and hand them their box of special ornaments.


I love ornaments.

And I love the idea of making ornaments for everyone special in our lives each year, making an extra three for my kiddos. There are so many great homemade Christmas ornaments out there!!
The question is, which one to pick??

**If you see one you like, please visit the source, leave a nice comment, and pin from there. Thanks!!**

1. These Christmas Birdhouse Ornaments by Gail at That Artist Woman were one of the first things I pinned on Pinterest. How cute?? And I really love that she uses toilet paper rolls. I love reusing things.
2. This Mistletoe Kissing Ball by Apartment Therapy is adorable, and definitely does not look homemade.
3. Cookie Cutter Ornaments by Martha Stewart . . . I mean, it’s Martha. Need I say more?
4. The Stain Glass Poinsettias by Cassi at The Crafty Crow are another toilet paper roll ornament that look so classy, you would never guess they could have {gasp!} ended up on the recycling bin.
5. The Yarn Wreath Ornaments by Christopher & Tia are definitely on my list of ornaments to make. I love how homey and cute they are.
6. I am in love with these Monogramed Family Ornaments by Dana at Made! When my kids are older and life is less crazy, I am definitely making them for everyone I know.

7. This Christmas Stamp Embossed Ornament by Cathe at Just Something I Made has such a classic and beautiful look to it. It looks like it took hours, but check out the instructions, it’s actually an easy diy.
8. The pictures of the Bees Wax Ornaments by Danita at Homemade Serenity have me drooling with the idea of my house smelling like yummy bees wax!
9. As someone who has recently started frosting and etching everything in site, these Frosted Glass Ornaments by Kate at Centsational Girl have my head spinning.
10. These Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments by Jill at Meet the Dubiens would be perfect to make with the kids.
11. This Pomander Ornament by Betz White is going on my tree this year! I love how colorful it is.
12. I am totally sucked in by cute ornaments that can easily be made by the dozen, and these Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments by Katy Elliot definitely fit the bill.
13. I love how delicate these Snowy Balloon Ornaments by Martha Stewart look.

14. These Daisy Ornaments by Ashbee Designs are gorgeous, and I love how creative she got with her supplies.
15. I’m kind of obsessed with stamping things, and I love these Bird Ornaments by Jessica Jane Handmade
16. I love the idea of making these Christmas List Ornaments by Hiedi at Honeybear Lane for my kids while they are little.
17. These Photo Christmas List Ornaments by Amy at Positively Splendid are another great way to capture your kids over the years.
18. After doing the ruffle wreath last year, I could even conquer these Easy Felt Christmas Ornaments by Ange at Decorating the Dorchester Way
19. My kids would go nuts for these Glittery Animal Christmas Ornaments by Chris at Curbly and I love how unique they are!
20. This Candy Cane Sign Post by Family Fun is another ornament perfect to make with the kids.

21. An ornament that only takes 10 minutes to make? Sign me up. 10 Minute Santa Ornament by Ellen at The Long Thread
22. These Wax Snowflakes by Martha Stewart look so delicate and gorgeous
23. I {heart} paper crafts! Paper Pinecone by The Hybrid Chick
24. I love these Book page Flower Ornaments by Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table And Dreaming and want to make them out of Christmas Sheet Music.
25. Another toilet paper roll ornament! I love this one. Cardboard Stars by Michelle at Muffin Tin Mom

Quick! Which one should I make??

Which is your favorite??

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  1. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    I love ornaments too! I also buy Jordan a new one each year, corresponding to her favorite thing that year. We have lots of princess and barbie so far. Not sure what she’ll choose this year!

    • Lisa says

      See, you’re a nice mom and I’m a control freak that needs the ornaments to match!

      I like that idea though! Maybe the kids should get two ornaments each year . . . . : )

  2. Amy of While Wearing Heels says

    I love Christmas too. Ironic that we both hate snow but love Christmas :)

    • Lisa says

      Right?? And I for sure wouldn’t want to live somewhere that didn’t have snow for Christmas. But . . . snow still makes me want to puke. : )


  1. […] From cookie cutters to tiny birdhouses, you can find loads of ways to decorate your tree. If you are looking create a really traditional looking tree, you can find many ways to incorporate homemade ornaments which are the epitome of traditional. Tie ribbons at the top of metal cookie cutters or bake old-fashioned cookie ornaments. The kids will love making decorations for the tree and you will save a fortune when you make them yourself. Instructions and Project Credit – Wineandglue […]

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