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Q:  Can I use your photo in a round up?

A:  Yes!! Please do! If you are a blogger putting together a round up, I would love to be featured, provided that you are using one photo and one link directly to the recipe without adding in the list of ingredients.

Q:  Can I use your photo on social media?

A:  You are more than welcome to share one photo and a link to my blog (no ingredients please!) on Facebook. Please do not use my photos on Instagram without reaching out to me directly.

Q:  Can I feature your photo in my magazine/newspaper?

A:  Please reach out directly to me at [email protected] so we can talk about the specifics!

Q:  Are you accepting guest posts?

A: Not at this time.

Q:  Do you work with brands?

A:  Yes!! I love working with brands that are a good fit for my blog and my readers. Please find out more about that on my Work With Me page or email me at [email protected]

Q:  I left a comment and I don’t see it!

A:  I approve every comment that comes my way so that I can respond to questions. So it might take a bit for you to see the comment show up.


Q: I tired this recipe and it didn’t work!

A:  First, I’m really sorry. There is nothing more frustrating for me than recipe fails. That being said, it’s really hard for me to know what went wrong with me not being there with you in the kitchen.

Second, before reaching out, I would love for you to go back over the recipe and just double check that nothing was missed. (For example, I have some recipes in which people have used Evaporated Milk instead of Sweetened Condensed Milk – an easy mistake to make, but it makes a huge difference.)

Third, go through the comments and see if there is anyone else who has experienced this.

Finally, please leave a comment or question on the post itself so that I might be able to help you and anyone else who might have a similar question in the future.

Q: Can I freeze this recipe?

A:  Unless I specifically state that a recipe freezes well, it means that I have not tried freezing it. You are more than welcome to give it a try and let me know how it works out by leaving a comment on the recipe. You could be helping someone else with the same question!

Q:  Can I substitute ABC for XYZ?

A: Recipes are posted exactly as I made them. Unless noted, I have not made the substitution you are asking about and can’t say for certain how it will work out.

Q: Can I get the nutritional information for this recipe?

A: I am working to get some the nutritional information in for my recipes, but it is a work in progress. Please also keep in mind that recipes vary because products and brands vary. If you are looking for a quick easy way to get the nutritional information, try MyFitnessPal! It’s an app that allows you to enter the website to a recipe and it will pull the ingredients and tell you roughly what the nutritional information is.



5 Secrets to Stress Free Dinners



5 Secrets to Stress Free Dinners