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Wisconsin Bacon and Cheese Beer Bread

This Bacon Cheese Beer Bread is super simple to make with only FIVE ingredients, and super delicious! Love this but want the original? Try my Three Ingredient Beer Bread!     Can I tell you something that is going to make you so happy you want to cry?? My very dear friend, Erin, IS HAVING…
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Christmas Ornaments

25 Awesome Homemade Christmas Ornaments I love Christmas ornaments. No really. LOVE. One of my most vivid memeories of my childhood is waiting eagerly as my mom strung the lights on the tree so that I could help hang ornaments. In my memory, the lights are twinkling, Christmas music is playing, and after we finish…
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Homemade Halloween Games

Homemade Halloween Games that come together for less than $13! Gavin has seven cousins on his dad’s side of the family. Seven! That’s a lot of cousins, a lot of laughter, a lot of playing, and a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of birthdays! A few years ago, my very wise sister-in-laws decided…
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Peanut Butter Pretzel Pumpkins

These Peanut Butter Pretzel Pumpkins are stuffed with peanut butter and dressed up as pumpkins just in time for Halloween! It’s fall! Halloween is coming! And one of the things that means is candy! Another thing it means is pumpkins. And better yet, when those two things combine. I came up with these little Pumpkin…
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Red Wine Risotto

Red Wine Risotto | Delicious red wine risotto made with mushrooms, seasoned ground turkey, and red wine, a great one pot meal! When is blogger going to come out with a “taste this picture” feature??? This Red Wine Risotto made with delicious sausage and mushrooms is a fan favorite in my house. As a matter…
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Storing Left Over Candy Melts

Storing Left Over Candy Melts | A really easy way to store left over candy melts that you have already melted Seriously? I can’t believe given how long I’ve been using candy melts that I never thought of this sooner!
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Felt Pennant Birthday Banner

Felt Pennant Birthday Banner | A felt pennant banner that is easy and affordable to make via Wine & Glue Whether you decide to throw a Rainbow Party or some other far inferior type of party for your kiddo, this super simple banner can be a really easy and inexpensive addition to your decor. I…
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World’s Best Caramel Brownies

These World’s Best Caramel Brownies are so easy to make and so delicious! Everyone always wants this caramel brownie recipe. With only six ingredients, this is going to be your new go to brownie recipe!   When I was about six months pregnant with our third little wonder, a good friend of mine shared a Caramel…
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Sidewalk Chalk Spray

Sidewalk Chalk Spray | A really simple recipe made from household ingredients for loads of fun! It all started when I wanted to send my niece and nephew a care package. They are super adorable, want to see?
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Veggie & Tofu Noodle Bowls

Veggie & Tofu Noodle Bowls | A super delicious meal vegan dinner If you are new to Meatless Mondays, I have been going meatless with my family one meal once a week. I love this recipe. It is full of delicious and colorful vegetables, and it is SUPER delicious. It is adapted from a Martha…
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Easter Egg Wreath

This Easter Egg Wreath is a simple and easy DIY! This Easter Wreath DIY is less than $10 to make, and is so pretty. It is delicate but holds up year after year! I love spring! Since seeing this idea way back in like January, I have wanted to use it to make an Easter egg…
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Rainbow Cupcakes

Don’t these just make you smile? Recently a friend of mine underwent a major surgery. She’s awesome, and someone who is there for you at the drop of a hat. Seriously. You drop your hat and she’s standing RIGHT behind you saying, “I think you dropped this. Don’t worry though, I picked it up, had…
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