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Sidewalk Chalk Spray


posted: 07/13/12

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
Sidewalk Chalk Spray | A really simple recipe made from household ingredients for loads of fun!
A really simple recipe made from household ingredients for loads of fun!
side walk chalk spray

It all started when I wanted to send my niece and nephew a care package. They are super adorable, want to see?

They love to color. They were sitting at my kitchen table, peaceful little that souls they are, making birthday cards for their mom, my wonderful sister-in-law.

And just because I like to brag about my nieces and nephews almost as much as I like bragging about my own kids, look at this one of me and sweet little Mira.

Okay. On to the spray! So I wanted to send them a really fun summer care package including chalk spray. But liquid weighs so much! So I thought of sending them bottles filled with all the ingredients for chalk spray, sans water. Most the recipes that I found on line (like all of them) contain cornstarch. And I realize that this is probably just me, but I could not get the cornstarch to dissolve in the water enough to make it sprayable. (It seriously is just me, there are oodles of pictures out there in the bloggosphere of kids enjoying the chalk spray that their moms lovingly and accurately put together for them.)

So I decided to come up with my own fool proof recipe.

Flour. Food coloring. Warm Water.

That’s it.

I got these great bottles from Target’s cosmetic department for a dollar each. I put in a tablespoon of flour, 10 drops of food coloring, and about a half cup of warm water.  Shake it up in the bottle and let your kid go nuts.

** Edited to add:  While this washes away from the sidewalk no problem, it is trickier to get off of cars, so keep your little artists away from the vehicles!**

Even better, its super easy to ship off to my cute niece and nephew!

I immediately had to make a batch for Gavin, and have since made about five million more batches, because he looooves it! How dare I make something for his cousins and not him! Note to self, hide things or buy double.

No seriously, he has become a little obsessed with the chalk spray.


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  1. Hilary B says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing.!.

  2. craftandrepeat says

    Neat! We’ve done this, but with cornstarch instead of flour.. we also use it with sponge brushes and shape cut outs, fling it, and soak it in a tennis ball and let it splat!
    Awesome spring/summer activity!!!

  3. betts55 says

    OMGosh…how cool! Making a batch this weekend…the grandkids will LOVE it!! Thanks!

  4. Kelly Miller says

    This looks so cool, Lisa! Definitely trying this soon, my boys would love it! :) -Kelly @ Mostly Homemade Mom

  5. parachik says

    Apparently my toddlers went for a world record in trouble making today, as such. It does come out of clothes! Even dried in, all I did was soak the shirt, add a little laundry soap and rub the shirt on itself. It doesn’t stain skin either! Wet washcloth took care of that. If your little ones decide your car can be a sponser for the Color Me Rad Race, wet a papertowel, add dish liquid and start scrubbing. Rinse vigorously with the hose until you see no bubbles. Even my black truck didn’t have any left over residue. Aside from all that, this stuff is awesome! It works great with a paint brush on construction paper for rainy day fun as well.

  6. Erin says

    I use a similar recipe for paint with the kids – milk powder, food colouring and a bit of water until you get the right consistency! The paint it wonderful and it’s easy to clean up! Love the spray bottle idea…can think of lots of craft activities…

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thanks Erin :)

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