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Grandpa’s Brag Book {DIY Father’s Day Gift}


posted: 05/29/13

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
Grandpa’s Brag Book | A simple diy gift that any grandfather {or grandmother!} will love. A perfect Father’s Day gift!
An easy DIY gift that any grandparent will treasure! via www.wineandglue.com
I’m not sure what my dad likes more, spending time with his grandkids, or bragging about all the sweet wonderful things they did and said while he was with them.
Okay, he for sure likes spending time with them more, but bragging about them is a close second.
Last year when we celebrated his 75th birthday and I made a huge scrapbook for him full of pictures of all of us and him with his grandchildren, he loved it so much. So much in fact, that I watched him lug it from place to place.
So this year, I thought I would give the old man a break and make him something a little more compact. A different visual aid, if you will, in his bragging endeavors. Something he could fold up and stick in his wallet, and then whip out whenever someone even mentions the fact that he has grandkids.

Do you know a grandpa who would love one too? Great! Let’s get started.
First go to PicMonkey.com. Open up any picture you have on your computer and then cover it with a rectangle overlay and change it to white. You know, like we did with the DIY Photo Invites.
Next, you can add pictures and overlays for the names and ages using PicMonkeys “Your Own” feature and their overlays and text. (Again, for a more details, refer to my post on DIY Photo Invites.)
In terms of size, I just kind of guessed. But you can see from the picture above approximately how big they were in relation to the rest of 4 x 6, and it turned out well.
As you add each picture, make sure you save the one you just did. For example, the one above, I saved as “Gavin_Quinn.jpg” and then I added a picture of my niece.
Then I made her picture the same as the ones I already had.
After her picture was the same size, I deleted the pictures of Gavin & Quinn and I kept the overlays, so that they would look the same on each picture, and just changed the names.
Then just change the position of the picture (so it is behind the name and banner overlay) by right clicking and moving it to the back. Note: If you didn’t merge your white overlay at the beginning, if you click “send to back” it will put the picture behind that.
After you add each kid (being sure to save after each set), make a cover for the book (make sure to keep the wording about the same size as one kid photo). Then upload them to your favorite photo printing site.
Cut out the photos, cut out the cover, cover each one in contact paper (front and back) and hold it all together with some cute coordinating washi tape.

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  1. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says

    Such a great idea Lisa!! Great tutorial too!

  2. Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly says

    What a fun little brag book! I like the overlay trick. I just discovered overlays on PicMonkey. So fun! :)

  3. Rachel Willis says

    Great idea, Lisa! Now I want to make one. Or two. Pinning, because I’ll probably forget how to do it haha

  4. Melissa {Persnickety Plates} says

    I don’t have any grandpas left but I should make one of these for my dad with all pictures of me. haha maybe some of my brothers, too.


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