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No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie

4.74 from 23 votes

posted: 03/12/18

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy

This No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie is the perfect easy dessert . . . . with booze! This pie seriously comes together in about 5 minutes and is so tasty! The recipe does not skimp on the Baileys, so you can taste that smooth Irish Creme Liqueur in every bite.

You only need six ingredients to make this pie, so if baking scares you, grab this recipe and run to your kitchen. Then branch out and make a Baileys Poke Cake and obviously Baileys Fudge . . . honestly, I’m a little offended you haven’t made them already. Just kidding, we’re still friends. Wanna cheers with a Bailey’s Martini?

A slice of No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie with a small dollop of whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Over the weekend I spent three hours selling Girl Scout cookies with my middle kiddo in a grocery store.

You guys?

I don’t think I realized as a child just how much more my parents loved me than I loved them.

I get it now.

In an odd way, this No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie was born out of  Girl Scout cookie season. I posted my Shamrock Shake Pie and someone said that they would like to do that but with an Oreo Crust, like a Thin Mint (YUMMY!). And THEN! Someone else commented that I should cut some of the milk, change the pudding mix to chocolate and add Baileys. And I was all, “DING DING DING! We have a winner folks!” So thank you to that kind random Facebook follower who totally inspired this pie.

And really? Who doesn’t love a good no bake pie?

A slice of No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie with a small dollop of whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.


This pie is legit.

  • It’s made with only six ingredients.
  • It starts with a store bought crust, which for whatever reason feels like a win to me.
  • It only has six ingredients! Did I say that already?
  • It has enough Baileys in it that you can taste it in every single bite.

This would be the perfect pie to make in a pinch for a party. The prep time on it is so quick, and it is seriously delicious! You guests will not have any idea that you didn’t slave over it. Well . . . . the aluminum tin might be a giveaway, so cut the slices in the kitchen and then wow them when you bring the slices to the table.

A slice of No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie with a small dollop of whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.


  1. If store bought pie crusts aren’t your thing, make your own Oreo Crust.
  2. Be just a little big patient with this and blend it really well, scraping down the bowl in between. The last thing you want is big chunks of pudding mix hanging out in  your pie.
  3. This pie is not super easy to slice. If you want it to look pretty, throw it in the freezer right before cutting for about 15 minutes. It won’t freeze it, but it will firm it up enough to make nice clean slices.

There you have it friends!! It’s that easy to eat your booze.

You’re welcome.

With a small bite, a slice of No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie has a small dollop of whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.


This No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie is the perfect easy dessert . . . with booze!
4.74 from 23 votes

No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie

Serves: 8
(tap # to scale)
Prep: 10 minutes
Total: 10 minutes
This No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie is the perfect easy dessert . . . with booze!


  • 1 store-bought Oreo crust
  • 8 ounces whipped topping thawed
  • 2 3.4 ounce instant chocolate pudding mixes (just the dry mix)
  • 1 cup milk (I used skim)
  • 1 cup Baileys Irish Cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • In a large bowl combine the whipped topping, dry pudding mixes, milk, Baileys, and vanilla extract.
  • Using a hand mixer, mix until smooth and you can no longer see pieces of the pudding mix.  Pour into the store bought pie crust.  Refrigerate for at least four hours.
  • Place in the freezer for 15 minutes right before serving (optional) to achieve nicer, cleaner, slices.


Some people have commented that they had difficulty getting this pie to set.
One option is to put the pie in the freezer and have it be a frozen pie. It will taste just as delicious.
Another option is to put in less Baileys. This might be a great option for you if you just want a hint of Baileys, as it is strong (and delicious!) in this pie.
Author: Lisa Longley
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American


This No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie is the perfect easy dessert . . . with booze!

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No Bake Baileys Chocolate Pie

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  1. Althea Johnson says

    Wouldn’t this work in a spring form pan?

    • Lisa Longley says

      I’m not sure that this pie would be sturdy enough for a spring form.

  2. Traci D says

    5 stars
    I purposely typed in caps so the seriousness is understood🤤

  3. lmc says

    Is there some type of non-hydroginated oil based option for these great cool-whip and organic crust pies? Gone non-hydroginated, love these types of recipes, though.

    • Lisa Longley says

      There are ways to stabilize homemade whipped cream for a recipe like this, but I don’t have one currently posted.

  4. Gail McNicholas says

    Can I double ingredients and the crust of course and make it in a 9 x 13 pan? Have to feed a large crowd… and this recipe is sooooooo good!

    • Lisa Longley says

      I would suggest just making two pies instead. I don’t think this is going to set up nicely in a 9 by 13 inch pan. Or! You could do it in a 9 by 13 inch pan and freeze it, making it more like ice cream bars. Because of the alcohol, it won’t totally freeze.

  5. Audrey Drasler says

    the recipe is simple but very nice for a special day….

  6. Gail McNicholas says

    Thank you for your reply Lisa. I decided to make your bailey’s chocolate poke cake instead! Looks yummy! The party is tonight so we’ll see! Happy st Patrick’s day!

  7. Patty says

    3 stars
    Tastes great, but very disappointed the filling never set up after 6 hours in a cold refrigerator. The filling was extremely thin, not even as thick as a milkshake. I ended up scooping filling out of piecrust and into small stemmed glasses, then placed in freezer. When ready to serve, I topped with Redi-Whip and a drizzle of chocolage syrup. Called it Baileys chocolate mousse. Disappointed I had to go all through this, should have tested the recipe ahead of time.

    • Lisa Longley says

      I’m so sorry this didn’t work for you, Patty. Since I wasn’t with you, it’s hard to know where things went wrong, but I will say I’ve never had someone report back that it was thinner than a milkshake. Is it possible you used cook and serve pudding mix and not instant?

  8. Angelia Ulrich says

    I use Bailey’s Irish Creme coffee creamer. Will this work instead of the ‘booze’? Thanks! Angelia

    • Lisa Longley says

      What a great idea to make this kid friendly, Angelia! Yes, that will work as long as you use the same amount of liquid.

  9. Sonia Kuczynski says

    5 stars
    I used only 1 small box instant chocolate pudding, 1 Cup Milk , 2 Tablespoons Baily Irish Cream and it was enough to taste the Baileys and
    1 Cup Cool Whip , 1 teaspoon Vanilla and I used Whipped Cream Cheese it was firmer. .
    I placed in Fridge for 6 Hours . It was Easier to slice and was Firm and not Runny held its shape Okay . My Guest were Blown Away

  10. SandyB says

    I am not a fan of Bailey’s but I love Kahlua. Do you think that substitution would work?

    • Lisa Longley says


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