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Pizza Mac N Cheese


posted: 01/29/16

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy

This Pizza Mac N Cheese is a quick and easy dinner that your family is going to love! I’m so excited to be partnering with Horizon to bring you this cheesy and easy dinner that will keep your family going!

In a small bowl, the Pizza Mac N. Cheese has sliced pepperoni, sausage, and olives in a cheesy sauce.


So . . . . my kids just got their report cards. And can I just say that the idea of a four year old getting a report card sort of cracks me up, but whatever. Let’s not dwell.

In a small bowl, the Pizza Mac N. Cheese has sliced pepperoni, sausage, and olives in a cheesy sauce.

They both did REALLY well, which makes me so happy. But what’s fascinating to me is that they both had this area where their teachers kind of expressed frustration and concern . . . . staying on task. And in a way, it was sort of a validation for me. Like . . . okay, I’m not insane for getting frustrated that it takes me telling them to pick up their toys 857 times before it actually happens. It’s not just me!

In a small bowl, the Pizza Mac N. Cheese has sliced pepperoni, sausage, and olives in a cheesy sauce.

On the other hand . . . . focus is kind of important. I guess.

So since we got the report cards, I’ve really been wracking my brain to come up with little things I can do that will remind them to stay on task. It’s like a New Years Resolution . . . but for tiny people.

In a small bowl, the Pizza Mac N Cheese in front of the Horizon Organic Cheesy Deluxe Mac and Cheese

Don’t you think being a parent is hard sometimes? You don’t want to take for granted your kids’ awesomeness, I mean they did great on their report cards, but you also want to help them develop where maybe they are lacking some progress and growth. GAH!

So we are trying to be subtle around these parts. For example, I just reminded Quinn the other day at ballet to really try to watch her teacher and do what she does. And I’ve been trying to give Gavin some concrete things that will help him stay on target while he does homework . . . like not having a magazine next to him that he would rather read {eye roll.}

In a small bowl, the Pizza Mac N. Cheese has sliced pepperoni, sausage, and olives in a cheesy sauce.

But honestly? I think the biggest thing that keeps my kids on task is keeping their bellies full. My kids can literally go from a kid chasing shiny objects to a nuclear scientist with the addition of a couple hundred calories. It’s crazy to watch. I am all about giving them snacks on demand as long as they are healthy snacks.

And even more importantly I’m all about giving them a filling well balanced dinner. I love this Pizza Mac N Cheese for filling up the kiddos. It starts with Horizon’s new Deluxe Mac N Cheese. It is awesome because really all you need to make it is boiling water. And then you add some cheese, pizza sauce, and your favorite pizza toppings. You bake it up and you have an amazing and super flavor packed dinner! Pair it with some veggies and you have a well rounded dinner that keeps your kids on target.

Or at least until they see something shiny!

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Pizza Mac N Cheese

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  • Horizon Delux Mac N Cheese, prepared
  • 1/2 cup pizza sauce
  • 2 cups mozzarella shredded cheese divided
  • 1/2 cup sliced olives
  • 1/2 pound italian sausage cooked
  • 1/2 cup sliced pepperoni


  • 1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and grease a 1.5 L casserole dish.
  • 2. Mix together the prepared mac n cheese, 1 1/2 cups shredded cheese, pizza sauce, olives, pepperoni, and sausage. Pour into the casserole dish. Top with the remaining cheese.
  • 3. Bake for 25 minutes.
Author: Lisa Longley

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Pizza Mac N Cheese

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In a small bowl, the Pizza Mac N. Cheese has sliced pepperoni, sausage, and olives in a cheesy sauce.

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  1. Holly N @ Spend With Pennies says

    Two of our favorite foods in one bowl!! My kids are going to love this!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thanks Holly!

  2. Liz @ The Lemon Bowl says

    My boys love pizza + mac and cheese so umm yea… this is perfection!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thanks Liz!

  3. Karly says

    What kid wouldn’t go nuts for two of their favorites in one?? And find, what adult wouldn’t either? ;)

    • Lisa Longley says

      Hahahaha! Thanks Karly!

  4. Rachel Cooks says

    I want to dive in!!!!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thanks Rachel!

  5. Nicole says

    I know what I want for dinner! This looks Awesome!!!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thanks Nicole!

  6. Jenny Flake says

    Drooling over here at 7am!! this looks amazing!!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Lol! Thanks Jenny!

  7. Aimee @ ShugarySweets says

    This is totally something my family would LOVE!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thanks Aimee!

  8. Gina @ Running to the Kitchen says

    If I promise to stay on task (and not check FB ten million times a day) will you send me a batch? ;)

    • Lisa Longley says

      Lol! Of course Gina!

  9. Tanya Schroeder says

    I agree, I don’t think kids can concentrate when they are hungry, too bad my kids appear to be hungry 24/7! Although, I find I can’t concentrate when I’m hungry either. I think my whole family could be so much smarter if we just ate good food like this all the time!

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thank you Tanya!

  10. Tamara Coleman says

    A jazzed up classic from childhood. Love it :)

    • Lisa Longley says

      Thank you Tamara!

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