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Jolly Rancher Vodka

I promise to soon put up the gazillion pictures from Gavin’s Brewers Birthday Party as well as the How Tos on the gazillions of things I did for it. (It was totally worth it, but I must admit, I’m a little beat.)  Until then, I thought you might enjoy some . . . Have you…
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Birthday Retrospective Part 3: Choo Choo!!

Year three was trains. Trains. Trains. Trains. And truth be told, Gavin really wanted trains again this year. But let’s be honest about who these birthday parties are really about. Me. And I wanted to do something different . . . but that’s a whole other post. Back to the train obsession. This was actually…
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Birthday Retrospective Part 2: Elmo Takes Over

  I had so much fun planning Gavin’s first birthday, that I decided to do it up big again when my little guy turned two. Why is it that all two year olds have a love affair with Elmo? I sincerely hope that whoever created the character Elmo is a millionaire and is sipping margaritas…
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Birthday Retrospective Part 1: A Very Giraffey Birthday

This time of year is always really hard for me. The anniversary of my mom’s death so close to Christmas, a holiday she did BIG, feels like a big weight hanging on me. But, I was given a gift when my mom died. Gavin. Just hours before my mom left this world, Gavin came in…
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Pine cone Birdfeeders

Do you remember doing these as a kid? I do, and it turns out this is a pretty decent Saturday activity for an active three year old. I just did a Google search and picked the first recipe I came across, but they are really all the same. Okay! First step. Collecting the pine cones.…
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Easy Applesauce

So after the Turkey Disaster of ’11, I decided to do something that I was fairly certain I couldn’t screw up . . . Applesauce!! (Besides, we had a lot of apples left from apple picking.) This is the recipe that we like for applesauce. Mainly because it’s yummy and really simple. This turned out…
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Gobble Gobble Fail.

For my very first creative post, I was super pumped to make these timely Thanksgiving Turkey Pop treats. In fact, I was so excited that Gavin and I started going on these first thing after breakfast. We gathered all our ingredients. (Spoiler alert!! These sucked! So I’m not going to bother with the nitty gritty…
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To be honest, I have no idea where the idea to start a blog came from. I know that it involved planning my son’s birthday party, dreamsicles (more on that to come), and lunch with my cousin. The end result was this blog, Wine and Glue (so fitting that the start of this blog came…
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Key Lime Martini

This Key Lime Martini is like dessert in a glass! If you love key lime pie, give this amazing Key Lime Martini recipe a try. You will not be disappointed. Need another great dessert martini? Try my Lemon Drop Martini. Sometimes at the end of a meal you just want a dessert . . .…
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