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Garage Organization Tips and Printables


posted: 04/19/15

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy

Simple Garage Organization Tips and some Printables to get you started! Thank you Newell Rubbermaid’s FastTrack for sponsoring today’s post and getting this really unorganized family organized!Simple Garage Organization Tips and some Printables to get you started!

Anyone who knows us in real life is probably dying over the idea of me writing a post about organization. Anyone who has walked through our garage is probably rolling on the floor that it is related to the garage. But seriously, when you look at the befores and afters in this post, you are going to flip. And then you are going to go to Home Depot and buy some Rubbermaid FastTrack.

{This is a picture heavy post with some fun printables at the bottom, but it is totally worth it. Stick with me!}

When Rubbermaid FastTrack asked me to write a post about their awesome garage organization system, I wasn’t totally sure that I wanted in. Only because it meant tackling this:


But Nathan was all in. He was sending me rapid fire text messages telling me to jump on it and begging for details. He’s had his eye on the Rubbermaid’s FastTrack system for a while, and he could not have been more pumped.

And just like that we were off to Home Depot to pick up the necessary parts. While there, we had the nicest man in the whole world, who we contemplated adopting as our own personal grandpa/fix it man, help us find what we were looking for. He immediately told us how happy we were going to be with FastTrack. He told us that he has it in his own garage, and it has helped organize his garden tools and golf bags. He loves how easy it is to instal and he loves that he can move this around as necessary because only the tracks are screwed into the wall, everything else can move and be adjusted.


Fun fact:  The previous owners of our house had some FastTrack already installed . . . . umm . . . sort of. They had screwed the hooks themselves into the wall and for the most part left the one track that was installed empty . . . . ummm . . . what?? That was great news for us because it meant more to work with, but I can’t believe that we haven’t been taking advantage of it for the last four years!

So are you ready to see the befores and afters? First let me give you tip #1.

Garage Organization Tip #1:  GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN OFF THE GROUND

I know that this seems really obvious . . . or does it, because we totally didn’t do it for four years. With cars parked in garages, there just is not that much room around the edge. Therefore, you need to utilize the walls as much as you can to store as much as you can. Lots of people swear by the peg boards, but I really don’t think they have the versatility that FastTrack does . . . and neither did my friendly Home Depot Grandpa.


How crazy is that before and after? I know I sound like a FastTrack sales woman, but seriously, can you believe how much more space we have?? When they say 10x more space, they aren’t kidding.


You know what I’m talking about? Like the sleds don’t need prime real-estate in July and the slip and slide doesn’t need to be front and center in January. Find other places for it. The garage has a limited amount of space, so use it wisely.



There are tons of things in the garage that shouldn’t be accessible to little hands (like bug spray, fertilizer, heavy shovels, etc) but there is also a lot that they want ready access to like sidewalk chalk and balls. FastTrack totally made it possible to keep the adult things up and the little hand things down.

We used the shelving that they gave us to store all our gardening supplies, we used the ball hanger to store their balls, and we were able to free up tons of space on some shelves we already had to make space for bike helmets, bubbles, and chalk!



Okay, one more thing and then I’m going to give you the printables and send you to Home Depot.

There are few FastTrack hooks that we loved but haven’t mentioned yet. Their ladder hook (so happy to have that beast out of the way!), their cooler hook (such an awkward thing to find room for!), and their extension cord holder (it winds it up for you!!!).

Okay, here are the printables! Click on the links below to grab the color you want!


Red/Blue Labels      Blue/Green Labels     Purple/Pink Labels     Orange/Green Labels

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Newell Rubbermaid. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. John Crumbley says

    Good tips for organizing the garage. I will definitely follow this and my daughter loved the idea.

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